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Monday, April 23, 2012

Men, do you know why are you balding?

U.S. scientists reported that the main cause of male baldness a protein that binds to the receptor on cells the hair follicles, thus stopping its growth, the discovery opens the way to stop baldness, or even the inversions of the process of hair loss.
According to the results of research published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, with an analysis of male pattern baldness, and experiments on laboratory mice revealed the secret of baldness and began to work on means to treat hair loss.

Most men balding begins in middle age and to 70 years when about 80 percent of them lost at least part of the hair. The male hormone testosterone in that plays a key role, as well as genetics. Together they cause the 'collection' root hairs, leading to baldness.

Identified target baldness treatment

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania analyzed the genes that are activated at the moment the of hair loss and found that the level of a protein called propagandist D increased in the cells of the hair follicles in areas affected by the loss of head hair.

In the laboratory mice are grown with high levels of protein and they are totally 'bald', and transplanted human hair ceased to grow when they are added to this protein.

Lead researcher George Cotsarelis of University Department of Dermatology, said the study "basically showed that propagandist is elevated in the bare parts of head 'and that it blocks the growth of hair. 'Thus we have identified a target male baldness treatment, "said Cotsarelis.

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  1. i know why !!! i got if from my father lool ... i wonder why its a family thing ?