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Friday, August 31, 2012

Real-life Barbie

Former Bunny Girl Sarah Burge spent half a million pounds turning herself into a real-life Barbie doll. The 49-year-old housewife and beautician from St Neots, in Cambridgeshire has spent £539,500 transforming herself – breaking the world record previously held by American Cindy Jackson, who also wanted to be like the famous doll.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The biggest car crash ever seen

This is the biggest car crash I have ever seen. I am hoping that they have car insurance .

25 auto insurance companies with the most satisfied customers

While many motorists shopping for car insurance tend to focus on their monthly premiums, price is only part of the equation. Insurance remains a service business, and the manner in which a company interacts with and treats its customers – whether in person or online – is paramount to retaining their business.

The Hartford was recently cited as delivering the most satisfying auto insurance shopping experience among all carriers, getting a perfect five-circle overall rating in the 2012 U.S. Insurance Shopping Survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. Other auto insurance companies rated highly for overall customer satisfaction included Liberty Mutual, American Family, Auto Club Group, Nationwide, Amica Mutual, State Farm, Erie Insurance and MetLife, all of which received four-circle scores.

Specifically, the Hartford garnered top marks among consumers for its policy offerings, pricing and call-center representatives. USAA got similar marks but was not included in the rankings because its coverage is available only to U.S. military personnel and their families.

'Monster Larva' mystery solved after 200 years

 For nearly two centuries, scientists have pulled so-called "monster larva" from the guts of fish and wondered what these thick-bodied creatures looked like as grown-ups. Now one biologist believes he has finally matched the larva with its adult counterpart.

"It's very exciting to have solved a nearly 200-year-old conundrum," Keith Crandall, a biology professor at George Washington University, said in a statement.

Lighter in slow motion

See whats happening when you user the lighter. Its beautiful. Lighter is flicked at 7000 FPS and the speed is ramped to 2000%.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

He won 4 times on lottery this summer

Donald "Donnie" Cole III thought he was lucky when he survived a brain aneurysm in 1999. But little did he know that his good fortune would continue.

Cole, 52, of Brookeville, Maryland, claim that he is the luckiest man alive, after recently winning $101,000 playing the Maryland State Lottery.

Cole, who said he buys lottery tickets almost every day from the Shell gas station in Olney, won $50,000 on a $20 Big Money Mega Play scratch-off ticket on June 26.

Samsung announces the Galaxy Player 5.8

Samsung has announced details of its latest media player, the Galaxy Player 5.8, an Android-based device that boasts a 5.8-inch screen, as you can gather from the name.

The Player is powered by Ice Cream Sandwich (aka Android 4.0) with Samsung’s own WhizTouch interface atop, and it also includes a long-life 2,500 mAh capacity battery, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a front facing VGA camera. The exact size of its internal memory is unknown at this stage but Samsung has packed it with content from its ‘Learning Hub’ and it is emphasising the benefits for students.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bernie Ecclestone secretly marries Brazilian beauty 46 years younger than him

Formula 1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone has secretly married for a third time in a ceremony at his ski chalet in Switzerland.

In a service his own daughters failed to attend, the 81-year-old billionaire married Brazilian marketing director Fabiana Flosi, 35, at Le Lion, his £23million chalet in the exclusive resort of Gstaad.

The couple, who announced their engagement in April with Miss Flosi sporting a £100,000 ring, exchanged vows two weeks ago – while Mr Ecclestone’s two daughters remained 6,000 miles away in Los Angeles.

Despite a 46-year age gap, Mr Ecclestone and Miss Flosi began dating in 2009 following the end of his 23-year marriage to Slavica. They met through their work on the Brazilian Grand Prix where Miss Flosi is F1’s vice-president of marketing.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The world’s first heartless man

  Doctors from the Texas Heart Institute have successfully replaced a patient’s heart with a device that keeps the blood flowing, thereby allowing him to live without a detectable heartbeat or even a pulse. Here’s how it works:
The turbine-like device, that are simple whirling rotors, developed by the doctors does not beat like a heart, rather provides a ‘continuous flow’ like a garden hose.Craig Lewis was a 55-year-old, dying from amyloidosis, which causes a build-up of abnormal proteins. The proteins clog the organs so much that they stop working, according to NPR.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Boy risked his life to save drowning girl

A 4-year-old Texas boy has died after sacrificing his life to save a little girl from drowning.

When Xander Vento saw a 3-year-old girl struggling in the deep end of a Fort Worth, Texas pool Monday, he held her head up so that she could stay above water, the Associated Press reports. But after becoming exhausted, Xander slipped to the bottom of the pool, lapsed into a coma and was eventually taken to Cook Children’s Medical Center, according to the news outlet.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Best swimming pool

 Impressive swimming pools with the help of moving bottom will convert into a large outdoor patio in less than two minutes. Homeowners can change the depth in the swimming pool from one inch to nearly six feet.

If all men are the same...

If all men are the same, why women take so long to choose one?

Hero mother dog saves her puppies from fire

 A dog saved her puppies from a house fire and incredibly placed them, one by one, in the storage bin of a fire engine!

The amazing scene took place in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, on Thursday after a car bomb went off setting a house on fire.
A German Shepherd mix, called Amanda, was in the house with her 10-day-old puppies.

Firemen soon noticed the brave canine mom gently carrying each of her puppies out of the house in her mouth, and placing them in an open storage bin on the side of their truck.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Man has born 3 babies

The 'Pregnant Man' Thomas Beatie is putting his giving birth days behind him.

In an exclusive interview with The Doctors, in which Mr Beatie talks about becoming a man, giving birth and life after childbirth, he reveals that he has given birth to his last baby and is considering having a hysterectomy.

Having been born a woman, Mr Beatie legally became a man in 2002 but did not have his female reproductive organs removed.

Walking on wire between two speeding trucks

World record-holding highliner Faith Dickey battles in the wind to cross the line between two speeding trucks.

ON a barren highway in Croatia, Faith Dickey battles the wind to walk across nylon webbing between two speeding trucks just before they both drive into separate tunnels.

Indian 'sewer diver' paid just £3.50 a day to unclog Delhi's drains

 If you think your job is the pits then spare a thought for Devi Lal.

The 'sewer diver' from Delhi, India, is paid a measly £3.50 a day to wallow in filth unclogging the city's drains.

Devi, 43, is provided with a bottle of bootleg booze to dull his senses before he begins his odious chore.

Scandalously the city does not bother to provide protective clothing so Devi and his colleagues are forced to spend hours a day in the filthy water in just their underwear.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Is this possible: Man survived iron bar through skull

 A 24-year-old construction worker survived after a 6-foot metal bar fell from above and pierced his head, doctors said Friday.

Luiz Alexandre Essinger, chief of staff of Rio de Janeiro's Miguel Couto Hospital said doctors successfully withdrew the iron bar from Eduardo Leite's skull during a five-hour surgery.

Mermaid was found in Jordan

This video of the real Mermaid was found in Jordan when the first video Mermaid mother and the second when video Mermaid small daughter ratified Mermaid is not a myth or a fairy tale

Could this be new hard drive?

When it comes to storing information, hard drives don't hold a candle to DNA. Our genetic code packs billions of gigabytes into a single gram. A mere milligram of the molecule could encode the complete text of every book in the Library of Congress and have plenty of room to spare. All of this has been mostly theoretical—until now. In a new study, researchers stored an entire genetics textbook in less than a picogram of DNA—one trillionth of a gram—an advance that could revolutionize our ability to save data.

A few teams have tried to write data into the genomes of living cells. But the approach has a couple of disadvantages. First, cells die—not a good way to lose your term paper. They also replicate, introducing new mutations over time that can change the data.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top 10 universities in the world

 10. Imperial College of London

The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine was established in 1907.

Set in London’s scientific and cultural heartland, South Kensington, it was created though a merger between the Royal College of Science, the City and Guilds College and the Royal School of Mines.

Various colleges have merged with the College since. These include St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in 1988 and the National Heart and Lung Institute in 1995.

No more lying. Scan can reveal true age

For those who claim to perpetually be 29, it could be bad news.

Researchers have found a 'developmental clock' inside our brain that can reveal, to within a year, exactly how old we really are.

They say the discovery could have major implications for medicine, and gives new insight into how our brains change over time.

'We have uncovered a 'developmental clock' of sorts within the brain—a biological signature of maturation that captures age differences quite well, regardless of other kinds of differences that exist across individuals," says Timothy Brown of the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.

Killer whale dragged trainer under water and held him there for 15 minutes

 A new video that shows a nearly 6,000lb killer whale thrashing his SeaWorld trainer for a heart-stopping 15 minutes has been released.

The 2006 video was released as part of the on-going litigation against the theme park by the US Secretary of Labor, who alleges SeaWorld has endangered scores of its trainers by exposing them to the dangerous whims of the enormous whales.

Kasatka's attack on San Diego trainer Ken Peters eerily foreshadowed the death of trainer Dawn Brancheu in Orlando, who was butchered in February 2010 by another killer whale named Tilikum.

Bus passenger caught on camera eating the seat

A peckish passenger has been caught on camera causing £200-worth of damage to a bus - by eating his seat.

A CCTV image has been released of the unidentified man ‘chewing’ a seat on the Number 12 bus in the Torbay area, in Devon.

The man, who has dark hair and is of stocky build, was on the bus for around 20 minutes before he started tucking in to his unusual meal.

PC Gary Blee, of Torbay police, said: 'The male offender was on a number 12 bus in Paignton and has chewed the seat he was sitting on, causing around £200 of damage.'

Friday, August 17, 2012

Advantages of online universities

You have a job, a life, and responsibilities - but you also have the desire to earn the degree that will advance your career through training and educational credentials. Whether you’re looking to earn your first degree, advance in a current career or change careers completely, online education puts you in control of your future. Online students can simultaneously earn a high-level of online degree and maintain a challenging, full-time job. For thousands of busy student professionals, online education is an empowering and accessible road to career advancement.

If you are beginning or returning to school, you need an education which gives you the freedom to pursue your goals and live your life. Online universities allows you the flexibility and convenience that you need to earn online degree. Online degree programs work within the confines of your busy schedule by offering access to faculty and resources in a way that ground schools cannot.

Girl raised by cows found in Urals

Social workers in Russia's Urals have taken into their care a five-year-old girl who spent most of her life in a cowshed and had cigarette butts for toys, media said on Thursday.

The girl’s mother and stepfather, both farmers in Perm region, did not take her to kindergarten and forced her to stay with the farm animals to keep her off their hands, said.

You`ve got a place at university - but is it worth paying the fees to go?

I am a nervous wreck. I've finished my A-Levels, applied to three universities and been offered conditional places at two.

That's Plan A. But what if I don’t get the grades needed to gain entry? I don’t have a Plan B.

With so many unemployed people the working world seems so different from full-time education, but is it even worth going to university?

Linda Mckay of This is Money replies: Got your university place offer, got a student loan application in and possibly reserved a place on campus. Sorted. Well almost.

Like others in your situation, it all hangs in the balance until the A-Level results came through yesterday.

Students like you have a lot riding on that and This is Money hopes you got the grades that you need and want. This September marks the £9,000 university tuition fee increase and graduates of 2015 will be hugely in debt when they finish so to continue on this path takes courage and a certain canniness with personal finance.

Some may still be paying off student loans into their 50s. I asked our experts for help to arm A-Level students who may not get the grades they want with options for the future.

Researchers find 'striking evidence' tropical fish are moving south due to climate change

Australian scientists say there is now "striking evidence" of extensive southward migration of tropical fish and declines in other species due to climate change, in a major ocean report card.

Compiled by more than 80 of Australia's leading marine experts for the government science body CSIRO, the snapshot of global warming's effects on the island continent's oceans warned of 'significant impacts'.

'Climate change is already happening; widespread physical changes include rapid warming of the southeast and increasing flow of the east Australia current,' the report said.

World’s smelliest man hasn’t bathed in 38 years

A lot of people can’t imagine going through a day without taking at least one shower, but 66-year-old  Kailash Singh, from India, hasn’t taken a bath in over 38 years, and says he’s happier than a lot of people who wash their bodies every day.

But what can possibly make a man give up the daily ritual of bathing? Kailash says he told the decision in 1974, shortly after he got married, hoping this would help him have a son. He claims it was priest who guaranteed him a prized son if he followed his advice not to wash or cut his hair. Now, over 38 years later, Kailash Singh is probably the world’s smelliest man, has 6-foot-long dirty dreadlocks and is father to seven daughters and not a single son. despite having been failed by his religious guidance, the old man still doesn’t want to wash his body, and says only a son could change his mind. Although stranger things have happened, fathering a son at 66, with a 60-year-old wife is very unlikely.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

They crashed in abyss and passed without injury

One of the racecars on a dangerous mountain course flew off a turn an proceeded to flip over at least a dozen times down the side of a Colorado hill.

The crash was captured on video and remarkably the driver and passenger are both fine, but the same cannot be said for their car.

The car was ripped to shreds as it crashed in during the Pikes Peak International hill Climb in Fountain, Colorado on Sunday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Drunk Man Breaks Into Neighbor’s Home And Gets Into Bed With Elderly Couple

A man in Michigan surprised an elderly couple when he broke into their Putnam Township home and climbed into bed with them. A drunken Jason Ervin House went to the couple’s home early Sunday morning.

The 27-year-old shocked the homeowners, who left the room to call 911, the Livingston County Daily Press and Argus of Howell reports.

Officers who arrived on the scene found House sound asleep with his shorts partly down.

Curiosity prepares for "Brain Transplant"

The Mars Science Laboratory has landed, it's cameras are snapping images of a never-before seen region of Mars and the "7-minutes of terror" seem like a distant memory. Now that rover Curiosity looks forward to its first weekend on the Martian surface, what plans does it have?

It's preparing for a brain transplant.

This might not sound like your ideal weekend away on an alien world, but Curiosity's brain transplant will prepare it for the next phase of the mission. All the software Curiosity needed for the exciting entry, descent and landing (EDL) is now just surplus code taking up valuable memory.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Man Castrates Himself To Avoid Cheating On Wife

The 40-year-old in Mexico decided to castrate himself to avoid cheating on his wife who refused to have sex with him.

Mr Sanchez had performed the act on many of his animals in the past and believed the procedure would be as easy for him saying: “I’ve castrated pigs, cats, dogs and three days later they are healed.

“I thought that’s what it was going to be like with me. I had practice with animals, so I went ahead, put some pressure on it, and cut them to remove them by force!”

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Instead of hair … her skin follicles are producing human nails

 A 28-year-old woman is reportedly suffering from an extremely rare skin condition that causes her to grow fingernails all over her body — including her face/scalp — instead of hair.

Shanyna A. Isom, a criminal justice student from Memphis, Tennessee, says she first saw signs of the condition back in 2009, when she had an asthma attack that doctors treated with steroids.

Unfortunately, Shanyna had an allergic reaction to the steroids, which caused her to develop bumbs on her legs, and her skin tone began to darken.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Researchers use teleportation to beam a single photon 97km

Two teams of researchers have extended the reach of quantum teleportation to unprecedented lengths.

The groundbreaking research could be a step towards creating quantum computers and other technology operating at speeds far in excess of current limits.

And while teleporting humans may still be a long way off, researchers believe the latest work is a big step forward.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Google's self-driving cars drive the equivalent of 12 round the world trips without a single accident

 Self-driving cars have been a vision of the future, along with holidays on the moon and jet-packs, for decades.

However, they may finally be getting closer.

Google's self-driving cars have now clocked up 300,000 miles without a single accident.

We weren't alone! There were two other species of early human beings

Scientists have discovered two new species of early human which lived alongside our direct ancestor two million years ago, before coming to an evolutionary 'dead end'.

The revelation is based on three new fossils unearthed between 2007 and 2009 from a site near Lake Turkana in Kenya - known as the 'cradle of mankind'.

They included a face, a near-complete lower jaw, and part of a second lower jaw.