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Friday, August 17, 2012

Girl raised by cows found in Urals

Social workers in Russia's Urals have taken into their care a five-year-old girl who spent most of her life in a cowshed and had cigarette butts for toys, media said on Thursday.

The girl’s mother and stepfather, both farmers in Perm region, did not take her to kindergarten and forced her to stay with the farm animals to keep her off their hands, said.

The girl was also frequently locked in a cupboard when she got in the way of her alcoholic parents, Moskovsky Komsomolets said. The father also frequently beat her up, the report said.

The girl cannot speak or eat with knife or fork, said. Instead, she grunts and drinks milk straight from the pot.

A case was opened into the incident. The girl was sent to a rehabilitation center, but may never fully recover after years of neglect, Moskovsky Komsomolets said.

The girl is not the only neglected child in the area: last winter, social services took away from local parents a seven-month-old infant who had to live in an unheated house on a diet of chips and pickles he would steal from the parents’ table.


  1. think of the third world children who cant even steal scraps from therye parents because theyre parents dont even HAVE scraps

    1. What the fuck is even your point? This poor girls life will never be normally, she'll probably never learn to speak and the other child could easily have starved to death. And you're going to trivialize their experiences by pointing out that some people have it worse? Learn a little compassion for your fellow man, would you please?