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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coolly threw two sons from the 15th floor

Russia's Galina Rabka (30) was arrested after she threw on Sunday to death from 15th floor of the building his own sons 4 and 7 years old.

On the surveillance camera footage, she looks totally insensitive. When the neighbors of the building heard how the bodies of two boys hit the ground called an ambulance. Rabka said that she was 'enough of kids' and she decided to get rid of them.

This tragedy occurred on Sunday, while the minor boy's father was on a business trip, so that day they were at home alone with their mother. They lived on the 8th floor, and there mother took them to the 15 floor and thrown them from the balcony.

Video surveillance camera footage shows two boys with their mother entering the building, a few moments later the mother returned alone and leave the residential complex. She calmly sat in the lobby, and the neighbors surrounded her to prevent her escape. At the end of the recording police comes to arrest Rabkovu.

A few years ago
Rabkova tried to commit suicide because her husband has a mistress. He was sent to the psychiatric evaluation, and investigation for the murders continues.

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