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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jesus appeared on the wall! Do you see it?

The owners of a bathroom where is no salvation from the mold, say that a miracle happened. On the wall  miraculously grown a mold, in form of Jesus.

Chyanna Richards from Texas, says this is a sign of of power which appeared on the wall of her home after an inmate ended up in jail, and another was seriously ill.

'People say that this house is blessed, "says Chyanna showing the' Jesus' on the wall. 'He looks after us and do not done something wrong and ended up in jail again, "says George, inmate who ended up in jail. "It inspires me to do good things," continued George.

The inmate who was diagnosed with HIV, says his health has improved since he appeared on the wall of the mold in the shape of Jesus.

Jesus, or just an unusual accumulation of mold, evaluate yourself.


  1. Lolno. That's fucking retarded. >.<

  2. i knew that jesus have that LOLWUT face all the time, thats his real face u christians eat that flesh!

  3. Don't do drugs, kids.