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Monday, July 9, 2012

Italians made ​​a bulletproof armor from the 22th century!

Italian company made ​​the first bullet-proof armor for the man, who is able to stop all conventional ammunition. In order to demonstrate this, they stood in front of revolvers, pistols, rifles and automatic rifles, and after sifting walked away like it nothing had happened. Technical specifications of armor are not known, but the video footage clearly can be seen how effective it is.

This armor will stop the ammo from weapons like the Magnum 357, Magnum 44, Kalashnikov, Winchester 308-ice, Remington 223, persimmon, and others.

What is known about the armor, is to have an extremely high ability to absorb kinetic energy, it stops the ammo and 'absorb' it without rejection and disintegration of debris that was salvageable, non-toxic and completely recyclable.

The armor will withstand temperatures from -33 degrees to +65 degrees Celsius, and thereby continue to be equally effective. materials which is made of durable and non corrosive so it does not deteriorate over long periods of disuse.

What counts is that this is the first armor, which has been tested on humans with absolute success.

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