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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brother and sister forced to watch as their parents are killed

 These shocking photographs capture the horrific moment a six-year-old boy is forced to describe how he saw his parents and other family members wiped out.

Six-year-old Carlos Daniel Gonzalez and his four-year-old sister Izabel escaped with their lives by hiding from the killers as they shot dead their mother and father in the hamlet of 'Las Escobas', in Villa Canales municipality,Guatemala.

In all, seven members of the Gonzalez family, including an eight-month-old baby and an eight-year-old boy, were slaughtered by the group of strangers. The killings are believed to have been over nothing more sinister than a row over land rights.
 After the bloody killings, the two terrified orphans returned to the crime scene with local authorities to explain what they had seen.

According to watchdog International Crisis Group, Guatemala is one of the world's most dangerous countries. It is slightly smaller than Tennessee in size and has a population of about 14million.

According to the U.S. State Department, more than 96 per cent of all crimes go unpunished in Guatemala and corruption pervades all levels of government and the police.

 The country is overrun with violent gangs and violence is worst for the poorest people.The Guatemalan government reports that 6,500 people met violent deaths in 2009 and nearly 6,000 were slain in 2010.

Forty-one percent of those deaths were linked to drug trafficking, while extortion was another common crime.

The Guatemalan Civil War ended in 1996 and the current president is Otto Pérez Molina, whose Patriotic Party won the 2011 election.


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