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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Woman wakes up from coma with 70% of her body covered in burns after being doused with 'acid'

 A Canadian woman suffered severe burns across 70 per cent of her body after her boyfriend allegedly threw acid at her face following a row in their apartment.

Tanya St-Arnauld, 29, was placed in a medically-induced coma in a Montreal hospital on Sunday after her 27-year-old boyfriend Nikolas Stefanatos allegedly threw a corrosive acid-like substance on her.

The attack took place early Sunday morning, and police were called to the woman's apartment around 5am.

The Toronto Sun claims that the couple were fighting inside her apartment, during which he allegedly decided to spray his hair dresser girlfriend with ketchup and mustard.

He then apparently left to go to a neighbor's apartment, and when he returned he allegedly doused her with the chemical substance while they were standing outside.

According to the CBC, Stefanatos allegedly threw an undisclosed household product at his girlfriend and fleed the scene.

'We know that the product is very dangerous for the skin if it's not diluted,' police spokesman Martin Simard told the station.

Her brother Maxime Gosselin hopes that the perpetrator is punished severely.

'(It was) thrown on her face, chest, everywhere,' he said.

'She was screaming. She hid in the bathroom. As she her skin it melted, it literally fell off. She was suffering.'

In keeping with the condiment-throwing theme, Mr Gosselin mentioned an altercation earlier this month when Stefanatos allegedly threw orange juice on St-Arnauld and left her stranded in a parking lot.

Stefanatos has been charged with aggravated assault, and the case is being considered one of conjugal violence, which is a Canadian legal term similar to that of domestic violence.


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