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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HTC X One: It is fast, beautiful, but has flaws

HTC's One X, quad-core is a powerful machine on which you can easily enjoy movies or surfing the Internet. Simultaneous recording and painting are one of the best innovations

One X, the latest representative of HTC's stud is the top smart phones on the market. Display size of 4.7 inches, out of the casing thickness 8.9 mm with whom you can not remove and change the battery.Because the new design it is necessary to have microSIM card which you insert into the slot opened with key, already seen in the iPhone.
The device at first sight reveals that it is very compatible phone and the screen size does not leave an impression of heaviness or a feeling that is too heavy. It`s only 130 grams. Super IPS LCD 2 gives an extremely good and sharp pictures, and games work full of color and vibrancy. For speed of execution of the daily operations is responsible quad-processor 1.5 GHz, with all that 'flies', but unfortunately the battery of 1800 mAh is not sufficient for such a powerful phone. However, the last software update should fix something autonomous devices.

This smart phone with Android 4.0 takes advantage of all the multimedia capabilities of the device. The sound and the manipulation of the music are perfect, the media link for the TV turns your phone into ultimate HD player, installed speaker is similiar like the one on the Sensation XL, the camera is very good quality, and the images of eight megapixels will be good and sharp.

Two things stand out: the face automatic sharpness and ability to shoot pictures while recording Full HD video, which is very useful in many situations.
 The lack of possibilities of placing additional microSD card slightly overshadows the excellent general impression about this phone and the fact that HTC fans are not accustomed on a phone who cannot be improved. However, 32 GB of internal memory,  should be enough for most users, and there's 25GB of space on Dropbox.
Positive: Design, display, multimedia, camera, and a general impression
Negative: no option to upgrade additional memory, battery

1.5 GHz, quad-core
Android ™ 4.0 with HTC Sense ™ 4
Memory 32 MB
HDMI connectivity
8 megapixel camera, smart LED flash, aperture F2.0 and 28mm lens, support for 1080p HD video, front camera 1.3 megapixel resolution (720p for video chat)

Sound Beats Audio ™

Audio: aac,. Amr,. Ogg,. M4a,. Mid,. Mp3,. Wav,. WMA (Windows Media Audio 9)
Video: .3 gp, .3 g2,. Mp4,. WMV (Windows Media Video 9). Avi (MP4 ASP and MP3)

Battery 1800 mAh

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